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Our school program is designed to reach the youth, parents and educators on contributing factors that make a person or situation high risk for commercial sexual exploitation of children.

Finding Grace believes that to be effective in combating commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) is to arm youth, parents, educators and our community with knowledge. Our program is designed to go into schools and the community to deliver evidenced based education and prevention techniques by providing insight into what factors contribute to making a person or a situation at high risk to be targeted by a predator. Professional mental health providers will accompany Finding Grace in our youth presentations to offer trauma informed care and counseling on site if needed.

Unfortunately, sex is being taught among our youth without guidance, whether we agree to it or not, our children are exposed to sex through media, internet and peers. The average age of coercion is 11-14 years of age. Human trafficking has a stigma attached to it of a usually “white” child hand cuffed in a basement with a mattress or in poor economic counties. While sometimes this may be the case, it is usually a child that has trusted an individual that has groomed them to believe that they are loved and valued. The perpetrator can be  a boyfriend, family members, classmates, neighbors or a stranger. Often times, CSEC is in the form of survival sex, when a child is exploited to obtain their basic needs.  However, sometimes the victim can be drugged or seasoned to force them into submission.

In 2014, the Joseph H. and Florence A. Roblee Foundation published a study that researched prevention programs and curricula for youth that address commercial sexual exploitation of children and learned there were not many programs specifically for this. Finding Grace Ministries became alarmed that there was not much prevention being taught to our most vulnerable population, our children.

The topics that will be covered in our presentation includes a non-explicit survivor story, facts on human trafficking, boundaries, anti-bullying, empowerment and access to resources in the community.


Speaking Engagements and events

The Community Outreach Program gives residents of Jefferson County the opportunity to get involved in community service by partnering with Finding Grace Ministries to combat commercial sexual exploitation of children.

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