To maintain a supportive and helping hand to members of our program after they graduate and walk out our doors. . We are here to keep our participants lifted up and moving forward.


To strengthen self esteem and self worth through different facets of therapy. By helping the residents change their way of thinking and their perspective on life through love and therapy.

  • Life Skills Training- Individualized training in daily living skills including budgeting, cooking, shopping and more. These skills are taught in a class format and in a practical way, as each person is responsible for assigned chores in the home. 
  • Classroom Time- Our residents will have lessons in establishing boundaries, learning to forgive and move on from painful events in the past. These classes will include how to think in a positive manner and to learn to manage their anger.         
  • Nutrition Education- Having a proper diet is essential to healthy bodies and minds.
  • Financial Management- Our residents will learn what a healthy relationship with money is and instruction how to make their finances fit their budget.      
  • Personal and Spiritual Strengthening-We believe that freedom and deliverance from the hurts and the struggles that have kept the youth in bondage comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ. “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds” Psalm 147:3
  • Outside Activities- It is important that the youth learn to live life free in their community. We will have some sporting events and encourage exercise.  
  • Vocational development- Once our residents have completed the first 12 months of our program we will help our survivors find their dreams and on to a road of success by acquiring all necessary documents, job coaching and enrollment in school.          
  • Community involvement- We ask our residents to become involved in our community through giving back through their own giftings and ideas.     
  • Substance abuse prevention- Our residents will be required to submit to random drug testing to keep everyone safe. We will also have a eighteen month aftercare program where our staff will meet with the survivors after graduation from our program to help keep them supported and set up with the proper resources needed.           
  • Parenting classes- We want families to stay together. We will use modeling behavior and instruction to help the survivors that have children of their own become the mothers they hope to be.

Finding Grace Ministries is a start-up, non-profit transitional housing that provides a social service serving the Jefferson County and St. Louis county area. The organization was founded by Doreen Page who has practical knowledge and is currently pursuing the education in Social Work to lead the organization. Doreen is currently working on assembling a strong Board of Trustees that will be vital to the success of the organization.


Finding Grace Ministries

Finding Grace Ministries provides the residents with a multi-dimensional approach addressing life controlling issues. The program is formatted to last approximately six months; length of stay may vary due to an individual’s situation and progress. 

Program Structure

Equipping survivors with a future and a hope.