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Finding Grace believes that to be effective in combating commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) is to arm youth, parents, educators and our community with knowledge. Our program is designed to go into schools and the community to deliver evidenced-based education and prevention techniques by providing insight into what factors contribute to making a person or a situation at high risk to be targeted by a predator. Professional mental health providers will accompany Finding Grace in our youth presentations to offer trauma-informed care and counseling on-site if needed.

Unfortunately, sex is being taught among our youth without guidance, whether we agree to it or not, our children are exposed to sex through media, internet, and peers. The average age of coercion is 13 years of age. While sometimes this may be the case, it is usually a child that has trusted an individual that has groomed them to believe that they are loved and valued. The perpetrator can be a boyfriend, family members, classmates, neighbors or a stranger. Often times, CSEC is in the form of survival sex, when a child is exploited to obtain their basic needs.  However, sometimes the victim can be drugged or seasoned to force them into submission.

Our Youth Drop-In Center is a trauma aware safe place that will be one more step toward the prevention of youth being exploited. Our kids will have a place to go to get a meal, wash clothes, take a shower and be able to tap into resources without feeling like they have no other help then strangers or even people they know exploiting them. FGM will have Certified Peer Specialist on-site that will be able to meet with the youth and share their recovery story to help youth feel like they are not alone.  Our program will have incentives for youth to get all their health checks and educational barriers addressed. We will have contracted therapist and other professionals to help give the best support possible for each youth. We will have community events for youth such as monthly dances, water balloon fights, talent shows and ideas etc,.We desire to have peer to peer mentoring. We want to have our kids see other kids reaching obtainable goals and working alongside each other during events and tutoring.

We also intend to work with the parents of our youth. To have a successful child they must have healthy support systems. Our mission is to first start with inside the family of the youth. We provide advocacy for children and their parents. We will encourage parenting classes and help with life skills and coping that their families may have not exposed to.

Parent advocate
Parental advocacy is a specific focus within the certified peer specialist role. The parent Advocates drive to ensure that a trusting and collaborative process is implemented in each family to achieve the reunification of child and parent whenever possible. Parent Advocates recognize and identify each family risk and protective factors, respect the diverse cultures and values of each family and establish professional roles while working with families. Parent Advocates assist the parents in expressing and achieving goals, monitoring progress and implementing effective coping and self-help strategies, as well as placing or registering parenting plan, facilitating and monitoring agreements reached in the best interest of the children, provide reports and recommendation. 

The drop In center will be a drop-in services area. Youth will be able to stop by for one day services for hygeine, resources, counseling and food.

Our school program is designed to reach the youth, parents and educators on contributing factors that make a person or situation high risk for commercial sexual exploitation of children.


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